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My mother said I was named after my father's father, Eliseo Valendez but I don't carry any suffix (Jr., II, or III) and I don't want to explain.

My friends call me "Ely" but it's fine to call me Kuya though I am only 28. I blog about anything under the sun but my interests are travel, theater plays, movies, entertainment news, environment and photography. I am a people person too.

Right now, I work full time as a marketing supervisor for US-based company's subsidiary office in Manila while working on my own travel business. I cover events, write reviews, and watch movies and theater plays from time to time. Tagged myself as a freelance journalist, I write for the Union of Catholic Asian News (www.ucanews.com) and at the same time work as web editor at the Philippine Press Institute (www.philpressinstitute.com).

Aside from writing jobs, I also accept web development projects at a very affordable price. Since I am also into photography, you may hire me as a photographer in one of your events.

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